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I’m proud to be running to represent the place I’ve called home for over 34 years, in the riding I grew up in, the district of Great Slave, for the 20th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

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I’m passionate about building community. I believe that we rise and succeed together, not alone, and that strong communities are the foundation for any success. Nurturing the ties that connect us and increasing community capacity - to look after each other, to grow business opportunities, to meet local needs and demands - is central to both who I am and to my vision for Great Slave. And it is a principle I have been putting into action for years - through art and performance, in volunteering for organizations, and as an active citizen that participates in so much that our city and territory has to offer.


My parents and I moved here when I was a little kid - I started grade three at Mildred Hall in the fall of 1989 and graduated from Ecole St. Patrick High School in 1999. In those ten short years, our community saw a lot of hardship, and a lot of hope around resource development bust and boom. After high school, I completed two degrees - a bachelor’s in journalism, and a masters in information studies - in Toronto, and chose to make my permanent home in Yellowknife once more.

Since returning home in 2009, I have worked for the Government of the Northwest Territories in several roles, most recently as a senior policy analyst for the Department of Environment and Climate Change. I have volunteered extensively in the last 14 years in various roles in the community. I’m currently the President of the Board of Directors of YWCA NWT, as well as President of the Union of Northern Workers Local 40.


In my spare time, I can be found gardening, eating at one of the many excellent restaurants in Yellowknife, or enjoying an art show, drag show, or burlesque show with friends. I live in the district, in the home I grew up in, with my husband Eric and our two dogs.

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